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Dear Friends,
We give a new welcome our February Newslatter. As always, we have news on the activity of our site that is constantly changing.
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These are the main information about the activity of our site in January.
Receive our best regards.

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I've read that plus sized moms often gain less

2005-03-07 15:25:36 by ------

Weight during their pregnancies. Like you said in your post, I was never very hungry while pregnant. I ate healthy meals plus small nutritious snacks, but never pigged out on sweets or extra helpings at meals. I started my pregnancy at 172 pounds, size 14, and gained twenty pounds while pregnant. At my six week postpartum appointment, I had lost all my pregnancy weight plus an additional 12 pounds, thanks to breastfeeding.

They have plus sizes in girls clothes

2012-02-08 11:57:51 by Click-Clack

And slims. Husky sizing is reserved for boys.
plus size clothing comes in half sizes too, the lengths are the same as the regular but the waist is typically larger. Slims are the opposite, a 10 slim is the same size waste as an 8 with the length of a 10.
prepubescent girls often gain weight, many thin out as they get their growth spurt, most girls grow taller earlier than most boys

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