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I confess

2008-12-15 15:42:36 by -

I'm upset my bf mentioned that his ex-wife had a "super small vagina." However according to him they barely had sex and she got really fat, so I can try to comfort myself with that...
But I also confess I regret telling him he had a big penis. I said it to be nice and stroke his ego, but it's only slightly above average in size.
So now him thinking he has a big penis plus tiny vagina ex-wife makes me feel self conscious that he thinks I have some cavern down there.

If you mean sexual activity involving

2010-05-09 06:44:14 by HeartofGold2010

I am stating a culturally agreed upon definition in regards to a question. You call me an idiot etc. Why not state your opinion on topic? Because you know you have no basis in reality.
If you mean sexual activity involving male sex organ/penis PLUS male sex organ/penis EQUALS homosexual? Well if...ect sexual desire toward another of the same sex
2 : of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex
— ho·mo·sex·u·al·ly adverb
3 : unless one of the involved males says he is female
4 : unless the fantasy is interrupted by the reality that both parties are in fact male and practicing homosexuality
Have some pride in what you are


2007-11-10 09:21:04 by Madu213

Had sex with a girl, barely any vaginal contact mostly oral sex but one day later i had red dots on the tip of my penis plus im having a little burning when urinating. The dots seem to be getting less, how worried should i be? Im definitelt thinking of going to get a checkup, but until then how worried should i be?

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Dear Editor: I'm writing to support Alternative 4, which allows only low-impact recreation at the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant.

Trafford Napoleon's Penis: Plus Other Engaging and Outrageous Tales
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Rolyn Prest Rolyan Radial Bar Wrist Cock-Up Splint. Polyform Perforated (PreCut Plus) 1/8" (3.2mm) Color: White; Size: Small
Health and Beauty (Rolyn Prest)
  • Model : 550446
  • This Listing is For Rolyan Radial Bar Wrist Cock-Up Splint Polyform - Perforated 1/8" (3.2mm) Color White Size Small
  • Package of 3. Latex free.
  • Can be fabricated on volar or dorsal surface. Gives complete palmar arch support and provides easy outrigger attachment on lateral border.
  • Pre-cut Plus version offers 2% perforation on proximal end to reduce accumulation of perspiration. Wrist area is solid material to maintain stability.

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