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Maybe try this

2005-06-09 15:00:28 by OldHand

Testosterone shots apparently work, but I'm not big on injections of any sort. Naturally boosting testosterone with herbs may be a better way to go. A real sex therapist recommended Dr. Ray Sahelian MD and the herb Tongkat Ali. I went to his website
and bought the Passion Rx capsules and the Tongkat Ali capsules and they work for me. I did make a mistake and took both at the same time and got a little overstimulated. I can tell my testosterone is up in other ways, like beginning man-boobs going away, etc.

Actually, you don't.

2011-10-14 17:30:52 by -

You have a passion at disparaging pot. You don't disparage the barbituates, the benzodiazipenes (haldol specifically), morphine, AD&D and the speed involved, RX sleeping pills etc.
You seem to have an axe to grind and I can not for the life of me figure it out.
BTW, I'm an alcoholic who has to deal with my own devils.

I love Bush

2006-10-21 16:23:00 by nutcase

I think hes doing a GREAT job.
You didnt get RX coverage from Clinton. Seniors I know are very happy w/this coverage.
As far as Iraq. Blame this on the media entirely! They hate him with a passion. I cant believe he even got elected with their coverage.
Wars take time. Good grief! We ARE fighting Al Quaeda. We are just doing in it Iraq.

For those with depression

2008-04-21 12:32:02 by Luciablue

I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I started anti depressants with only a slight improvement. I got my neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) tested and found out that my natural levels of seritonin were so low the RX had nothing to work with.
It may take some time to find someone who tests. Non-traditional doctors may be the best place to start. And I'd guess you'd need to look in a bigger city (I was in Indy).
While I still do not feel a passion for life, I can get out of bed and smile at the little things, and the days are easier.
Hope this helps

National health insurance: the wrong Rx

2005-03-22 09:32:43 by FlyingFortress

Boston Globe
By Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist --March 22, 2005
THERE IS a bumper sticker on the car ahead of me as I drive down Interstate 93. In white letters on a navy background, it proclaims: ''Single-Payer Health Care!'' That's it. There is no argument, no attempt at logic or emotion or humor -- just an impatient demand for the drastic transformation of one-seventh of the US economy. And note the exclamation point. That is to communicate earnestness, certitude, and indignation -- classic elements of the liberal approach to policymaking: When promoting radical change, passion and good intentions are what matter most

Pam Fischer: Badger site uses should be in harmony with nature  — Capital Times
Dear Editor: I'm writing to support Alternative 4, which allows only low-impact recreation at the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant.

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