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Federico Valignani ( Chieti , 1700 - Torrevecchia Teatina , 1754 ) was a literary Italian .

Valignani Frederick, Marquis of Cepagatti , was born from the marriage of James with Portia Capranica, a noble Roman. From the marriage of Frederick Margherita Valignani with the barons of Miglianico were born 2 daughters: Anna Ninfa, who went in marriage to Don Cesare Della Valle Monticelli, Duke of Ventignano in Naples; Olimpia who married Ignatius Leognani-Ferramosca Duke of Alanno.

The Valignani was a distinguished scholar in the eighteenth century. During his studies in Rome and Naples, and during his visits at the European courts, Frederick was able to meet and establish contacts with many writers of the time (for example Ludovico Antonio Muratori ). His uncle Innocent XIII (paternal grandmother was the sister of Frederick the mother of Innocent XIII) appointed him Chairman of Royal House of the Kingdom of Sword and hood sending it to Naples. Back in Chieti, founded in 1720, under the name of Nivalgo Aliarteo, Colonia " Tegea "Roman Arcadia. In the spirit of the movement Arcadian time Frederick summoned a group of aristocrats and intellectuals of the city of Chieti, creating intense cultural activity in the community teatina era.

The Valignani also devoted himself to the construction and renovation of various buildings of the family, among them the Tower of Cepagatti, the palace of Chieti and the villa castle Torrevecchia Teatina . Of particular importance is the setting that he gave reallizzazione of the latter around 1743. It was designed according to criteria classicist (large garden, a forest, etc..) To make the official home of the Colony and symbolic Tegea. This is attested by the inscription on a plaque present on the ground floor: Dominus Federicus VALIGNANUS patricius ROMANUS AC TEATINUS TRADEMARK CEPAGATTI Dominus TURRIS Veteris ET CASANOVAE A PROGENITOR Drogone EX COMITIBUS LORITELLI NORMANNIS CASTRI Valignani XXI TOPARCHA Aedes HAS A FEDERICO CONSTRUCTAS POMARIIS VIRIDIS ORNATAS CUNCTIS ADVERSANTIIS DIVINAE providence DE Fortunae PEREIDIA VELUT trophaeum EREXIT MDCCXLIII (The Lord Frederick Valignano Patrick Romano Teatino Marquis of Cepagatti Lord of Torrevecchia and Casanova by Drogo ancestor of the Counts Loritelli Norman Castles of the twenty-first governor Valignani This building was built and adorned with orchards and gardens despite ' opposition of all erected this trophy to Divine Providence in 1743).

In this palace Valignani Frederick died in 1754.

The building (now owned by the City of Torrevecchia Teatina and restored by architect designer Gregory DiLuzio of Chieti) is currently used by the University "G. d'Annunzio "University for the headquarters Telematics" Leonardo da Vinci "and CEDUC - Continuing Education Center.

  • Reflections of Frederick disappassionate Valignani Marquis of Cepagati over the book titled Letters Jewish, consecrated to SMC Elizabeth Farnese, Queen of the Spains, etc.. (Lucca: at the instance of Simon Eyes Libraro in Venice, 1741) - reviewed in: Journal de Trévoux, Never 1742, 908-912.
  • Panegyric and rhymes for Charles VIII - p. 414. Naples, Thu Simon, 1741 [1] .

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