Vega H Cream

Vega Royo-Villanova The most interesting part of my job is, first, that work for me, which basically means that it is I who decide what to do and what not to do, with whom, how, when, etc.. I manage my time and my priorities. It is very comfortable in many ways worse is also a great responsibility. Still is super entertaining because each day is different, I have no two days are alike in one week and my office is my Iphone and my Air book, wherever you go.

(la belleza también consiste en una salud dental brillante, así que me llena de la misma manera), soy embajadora de Caviar Per Se (el mejor caviar producido en España y de nuevo la gastronomía ocupa una gran parte de mi vida, por lo que representar a Caviar Per Se en España es un autentico honor), colaboro con el outlet de lujo de Las Rozas Village como embajadora, y trabajo muy de cerca con dos diseñadores españoles Miguel Palacio y Jorge Acuña . I'm a community manager Aesthetic Medical Clinic Ortega y Gasset ('m a raving beauty cosmetics and so this work is of my favorites), I am an ambassador for the luxury dental clinic SMYLIFE (beauty also is a bright dental health , so I filled in the same way), I'm Caviar Ambassador Per Se (the best caviar produced in Spain and again gastronomy plays a big part of my life, so represent Caviar Per Se in Spain is a real honor), collaborated with the luxury outlet Bicester Village as an ambassador, and work very closely with two Spanish designers Miguel Palacio and Jorge Acuña. I am also Adolfo Dominguez muse and then of course my number one priority is, and always will be, my blog on the daily respite.

  • Beauty In Jared we always tips and tricks. Could you share with us your beauty routine, you never lack in your vanity, that trick home, your best signatures.Vega Royo-Villanova

As I am a fan of cosmetics my beauty routine is quite elaborate but practical and automatically every morning and every night so it does not take me more than 15 min.

First, wash my face with the foam-soap wash gycolic foamyng Nesotrata, who recommended Dr. Elena Fernandez caring my skin and has been my great discovery. It's great to regulate the pH of the skin.Vega Royo-Villanova Really, there is no better one, is sold in pharmacies.

Second. . Once I have clean skin with the tonic I desmaquillo Micellaire YSL makeup remover.

Third: When skin is already washed and make-up removal, I use my product star and six years I have been using: P50W of Bioligique tonic Recherche, vitamin enriched exfoliating lotion that balances, purifies, mattes, moisturizes and helps maintain the acid pH skin. Besides having a slight tightening effect.Vega Royo-Villanova C'mon, it's a magic recipe to maintain the pH of the facial skin care and balanced.

Fourth. After roses use creams cosmetic range my sister Carla . The night to night and day with protector 15 for the day. The rose water is one of the most healthy and effective components for any skin type. Works great because it also has a high percentage of roses in creams.

Fifth. For eyes I use eye cream Ceutical Natura Bisse NB, (eye recovery balm) a repairer fantastic for wrinkles that are formed in her eyes.

Sixth. For the neck every night I get Padbeauty patches. I'm used to sleep with them and let the esctote (the forgotten but to be cherished just as well as the face) as a table and avoids the generation of wrinkles that form when sleeping in different positions.

Vega Royo-Villanova Vega Royo-Villanova

Cetaphil Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin, Fragrance Free, Non-comedogenic (20 Oz)
Beauty (Cetaphil)
  • Formulated specifically for chronic dry, sensitive skin
  • Clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss.
  • Free of lanolins, parabens and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic.
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Thunder storm question

2012-04-22 09:00:49 by teacher1110

Last night I was sitting for a friend's two boys and their new rescue cocker spaniel. A nasty storm came through the area about 10 pm. At the first clap of thunder and flash of lightning this poor dog jumped on top of me and tried to bury his face into my armpit. He was shaking and his heart was pounding hard and fast.
I called my friend and she said that this was the first storm since they adopted him. He's about 5 years old and is a very friendly, happy dog. They got him from a cocker spaniel rescue after losing their 16 year old cs recently. The rescue didn't mention anything about fear of storms

Gus developed fear of thunder @ age 8 or so...

2010-02-20 20:28:31 by hudsonbay

We think it had to do with the move to a particular home and the presence of static related to the storm / some dry air masses just ahead of the storm... he may have heard thunder and gotten a shock at about the same time. He seemed to learn to ground himself when thunder rumbled, jumping in the tub or laying behind the iron sewer standpipe.... he never reacted to fireworks but the sharpness of explosions could sure be hard on animals w/sensitive hearing! Yer pup may be unable to distinguish between thunder & fireworks.

Sounds like a thunderstorm

2008-12-22 22:12:18 by urgr8

Hi guys.. i just moved into a really crappy mobile home - one problem after another.. newest problem ,,, when i have the hot water on in the kitchen or bathroom sink even for a minute... the water heater starts banging so hard it sounds like a bad thunder storm. it continues to knock and ping for quite a while after.. does anyone know why it does this??

I'm listening to thunder and light rain, hoping

2010-04-24 00:16:42 by UncleRoss

It blows through before I go out in the morning. Tornadoes are always possible but not likely. (Riders on the Storm) Do I have an inflated sense of my own abilities? Keep on rolling!
Just heard a big, loud, close thunder crash. Is God listening? Does S/He have a sense of humor?
There was another one! This stuff should blow through by sunrise but right now it's pretty intense!
Damn, another Flash-Boom! It's starting to rain hard. Maybe I should tune to the local weather radar or just hide under my concrete front porch,

Afternoon thunderstorms

2003-08-07 13:46:51 by sc28

Rarely rains all day. But this is rainy season there. At this time of year the days generally start off relatively clear - but it clouds up in the afternoon.
When it rains it can really come down very hard.
The thunder storms are pretty spectacular - very tropical.
The lightening strikes can be powerful enough to set off car alarms - Totally cool, I think.
It'll be hot and humid. Drink lots of water.
You'll have a great time. I'm going to be there from the 8/16 to 8/30 (have been there in aug before) and can't wait!
Have fun!

F1-mestari uskoo homman toimivan - "Kimillä on erilainen luonne"  — Iltalehti
Nelinkertainen F1-mestari Alain Prost uskoo Fernando Alonson ja Kimi Räikkösen yhteistyön toimivan, vaikka hän itse koki kahden tähtikuljettajan riskit McLarenilla.

Legendakuski povaa formuloihin ongelmia  — Iltalehti
Prostin mukaan luotettavuusongelmat johtuvat moottorien lisäksi sähkötekniikasta, kuten johdoista ja erilaisista järjestelmistä. Prost uskoo, että pitkällä aikavälillä moottorien erilaiset suorituskyvyt tekevät F1-sarjasta mielenkiintoisen.

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