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  • Unleaded 95
  • Diesel A usual
Is it the same octane gasoline than the other?

It's exactly the same octane as other stations Do I need a business or professional to refuel?

No. This station is for all ages, both individuals and professionals, companies with fleets of vehicles, freelancers, etc ... It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. How can you pay at the pump?

In this station IF you can pay by cash (bills). It also works through the card-accepting bank cards of any entity, whether credit or debit, introducing the corresponding PIN.
When refueling follow the instructions next to the suppliers.

For information about the condition of our client cards please call 663 955 333 or send an email to info@enerxat.es I have several refueling ticketing of this station and I want to make invoice

Please , call our telephone 663 955 333 or send an email to the address info@enerxat.com and informed of how we can send the invoice to the refueling made ​​in a given period. I have marked an amount in the rack and fuel hose out

  1. Check the pre-authorization ticket and the fuel supplier you have chosen is correct.
  2. If not, wait at least a minute and a half and then perform the operation in the rack. You can also lift the hose and re-hang. The above operation will have been canceled when not provided and will not be charged anything.
  3. If both the pump and the fuel contained in the ticket are correct the reason that no fuel flows may be because the cardholder was processing a previous operation. Follow the item 2.
I've set an amount and fueling a lower amount

Regardless of the amount you select only charge you the price of the product that has gone through the hose.

In the card-issuing the ticket when you select the amount appears maximum amount that can refuel and if you refuel the full amount will be charged that amount. You can check this by going to the cardholder after hanging the hose and requesting a ticket and indicating the supplier. The cardholder issued a ticket for SALE VOID with the amount to be charged to your bank account.

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This is mor ecomplex than that.

2004-05-16 20:06:17 by Interloper

A letter from an arrestesd servicemean, compalining that he ws being unfairly punished? Congress knew there wer einvestigatins going on. I wouldnt necessarily expect this to triger anything, just by itself. Especially if it seems off the wall, alleging major issues taht ocngresss handt been informed of, it looks like a dessparate attemtp to hide from prosecution.
Givne the the armed forces never bothred to inform congress of the abuses, and that it appears in Hersch new article taht ther was an active coverup among the armed forces, its nto surprising that the congresspersons didnt see this as a major issue unti lit became clear the service was fuckng with congress.

Yes, it was magical

2005-01-03 11:26:07 by -

Bush waved a magic wand and it all went bad. Nothing else had an effect, it was all Bush. He is that powerful. he is like a super powered sorcerer magician President who can single handedly decide how the economy will be.
Serious now, get a clue. Bush is an idiot, and hasn't done much to help the economy, but it is a hell of a lot more ecomplex than "Bush did it."

I think Mac

2003-08-26 05:03:45 by Mr_Voodoo

Because it is easy to use, maitains its value longer, has a stronger Operating System and hardware, is so far virus free.
Plus the Unix it is based on allows a person to both pick up a Mac and turn it on and use it, and later explore the mor ecomplex and interestign world of Unix.
But you should check to see what programs you want to run first and make sure they are not PC exclusive.
I should mention I don't own a Mac either, due to my work and the fact I like to take PC's apart and upgrade them. So if you like fiddling with things , get a PC.

You bailed last night wneh we pushed you

2004-11-25 15:32:27 by Interloper

About hte 'design' found in nature, being evicence of an intelligent designer.
We wee design all over th eplace, where there is no designer.
Look at Devils Postpile with its beautifluully ordered hexagonsl pilings, look at the surface of dried mud flats, look at the highly ordered stone runnels in freeze-thaw prone desert hillsides, for just a few obvious examples.
Intelligent Design PRESUPPOSES a SUPERNATURAL intelligent designer, and then says tha tthings ar ecomplex and apparently desiogned, so they must be attributed to that. There is NO evidence of usch. At best, teh scientific content of ID 'theory' stps right at the 'we cnat explain this by natural processes" part

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Das Projekt ins Leben gerufen hat im vergangenen Jahr Thomas Bonerz, der Leiter der Albertus-Magnus-Realschule in St.

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