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German American GAT Testrol Potency Activator -- 60 Tablets
Health and Beauty (German American)
  • MUSCLE & STAMINA - ALL IN ONE! Testrol is the ultimate dual-purpose performance product that contains some of the most advanced ingredients available
  • GAT

Let's watch while Super Macho Man look it up

2008-05-02 21:56:05 by Hmmm-

Green line ... gree ... I think he said blue ... no, green, Amsteram ... green line ... Amsteram ... wait! Munich! Green line, Munich! See the cogs spin! Green line ... green ... hmm ... Sau Paulo! Green ... looking ...
Any girl (by which I mean any "man" you girls hope to marry with his bravado and his complete emptiness should know) ... Green Line! Boston!
Miss Thing (whom you're marrying and is about as smart as a used Kleenex), you should have known that by now!
Me thinks a fraud!

^^ hahahahahaha. see?

2013-02-11 11:08:24 by o-o-0-0-O-0-0-o-o

If cons aren't posting about some weird gay sex < o-o-0-0-O-0-0-o-o > 02/07 08:43:32
stuff, they are posting about Michelle's hair, Beyonce's singing, or what the first lady is wearing.
But don't worry cons, that is all super macho and manly and not totally gay at all!

Forum, I've been dishonest to you & would like

2006-06-28 07:56:43 by 2ComeOutClean

I'm a gay. I don't know why I led you all to believe that I'm this super macho cool str8 dude who likes to muff dive and bang poon.
If it's any consolation, I like to Bangcock more than anythang else. I love to the challenge of gagging on a huge manschlong until my vocal chords are tickled and I get a raspy voice next day.
Now that I came out, I think I'm going to celebrate what's left of June and be a proud cocksucka. Some of my friends say dismissively that in June there's nothing to be proud of, it's just another day. I suck a mean cock and I suck it meanly. If I weren't any good and talented with my ass or mouth, they wouldn't come back time after time

I sincerely think it's both. For some folks

2006-10-07 21:05:26 by !

It's genetically stronger. And for some like me it's a learned behavior which can be easily unlearned w/o any future cravings.
If it's compeletly genetic, then how do you explain extremely super macho guys in the military or prison who have never ever had a homosexual encounter until the ripe environment presented itself? I may have mooted my 1st point; being genetic...by this argument.
I only learned through psycho-analysis that because I received no love or nurturing from my father, I sought it in the arms of other men. And when it came to actual sex, I wasn't really into it rather into hugging and kissing only

Not at all!

2009-08-05 08:44:09 by handlebars

I feel the exact same way.
I don't think there are big differences between gender, we're just socially conditioned to behave according to our sex.
and you'll often find that a lot of fellas in here don't have very high opinions of women (nor a lot of the women either)
I'm pretty tom boy-ish. I don't like heels, perfume, make up, romantic comedies and other shit girl are "supposed" to like. In fact, very few of my close female friends are "feminine" like that either. I'm pretty lucky, my male friends aren't super macho and my female friends aren't super girly

Vijf redenen waarom testen dood is  — Computable
Met de inzet van een Agile ontwikkelaanpak, zoals het veelvuldig gebruikte Scrum, heeft ieder teamlid een testrol. Dus ontwerpers, programmeurs, beheerders en gebruikers testen allemaal. Dus daarmee is het plausibel te stellen dat testers overbodig zijn.

Vijf competenties voor de nieuwe Agile-testers  — Computable
Dit vereist meer technische vaardigheden en kennis van een tester. Ook andere teamleden, zoals een ontwikkelaar, moet bereid zijn een testrol te vervullen als dat noodzakelijk is. De tester treedt dan op als coach.

German American Technologies GAT Testrol, 60 tabs (Pack of 2)
Health and Beauty (German American Technologies)
German American Testagen,120 tablets 120 tablets
Health and Beauty (German American)
German American Technologies Testrol / 60 tablets [Expiration APRIL 2012]
Health and Beauty (German American Technologies)
  • Mass & Vascularity
  • Virility
  • Muscle & Stamina

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